The gift bottles

All bottles are uniquely handmade using special glass manufacturing techniques. The bottles are filled with a wine specialty of Tokaj, the sweet Tokaji Hárslevelű („Linden Leaf”) from the year of 2009. The „Linden Leaf” is an ancient Hungarian grape variety, mostly grown in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region. The wine made from „Linden Leaf” grapes has a beautiful golden color and peculiar fragrance which can ones remind to the honey extracted from the linden flowers while some say to the lily of the valley. Its bouquet offers an exotic flavor with a sprinkle of vanilla and peach scent. It is a perfect wine for a convivial conversation or together with a creamy cake. Some of the bottles are decorated with flowers, grapes or other accessories which are filled with the semidry red cuvee of Mátraalja from 2010. The bottles are closed with a cork and wax.

Perfect feminine shaped bottle with a red wine-filled grape cluster inside (0.5L)

Grape cluster on a stand with a faucet (0.5L)

Teardrop shaped bottle with the bride and groom inside (0.5L)

Teardrop shaped bottle with a stork inside holding a baby (0.5L)

Teardrop shaped bottle with a sailboat outside (0.5L)

Bordeaux style bottle with a twisted rose outside (0.5L)

Artistic ship on a stand with three masts (0.5L)

Globe with continents on a wooden stand (0.5L)

Football shaped bottle with a football player inside (0.75L)

Donut shaped bottles with a certain number in the middle (0.5L)

Teardrop shaped bottle with different car logos (0.5L)

Different pictures on the bottle/ here the London Tower bridge (0.5L)

Other designs are also available for pre-order. Click here for an overview.

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